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English-Hindi > primary access

primary access meaning in Hindi

primary access sentence in Hindi

प्राथमिक अभिगम
primary    एक प्रकार का
access    दाखिला अभिगम
1.The road provides the primary access to Charles Darwin National Park.

2.The primary access to Saint John is through Cruz Bay Harbor.

3.Just this year, 3Com bought AccessWorks, Sonix Communications and Primary Access.

4.This time, the primary access is from the Thomas E . Dewey Thruway.

5.Ayalon was the primary access corridor to Jerusalem along the ascent of Horon.

6.Primary access to this refuge is by automobile and bicycle.

7.Even if we are not the primary access point, you can still find us.

8.Bill Stensrud, Primary Access's president, looked into Benhamou and 3Com.

9.US 62 serves as the primary access road to the grounds, then enters Buffalo.

10.It is the primary access route for Mundaring Weir, a dam and tourist attraction.

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