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English-Hindi > pro rata

pro rata meaning in Hindi

pro rata sentence in Hindi
1.You have to take the pro forma, pro rata numbers on faith.

2.People who move for one of those reasons get a pro rata exclusion.

3.There are approximately 40 homes in Hop Pole, around 105 people pro rata.

4.Stock was issued on a pro rata basis, which gave Stone another 200 shares.

5.The rise in output ceilings will be shared pro rata among the 11 members.

6.Those non-financial companies don't have to reduce their interest reductions on a pro rata basis.

7.-- A pro rata share of all other assets.

8.The balance was distributed pro rata among the bondholders.

9.The foundation's liquidation trust will distribute those funds to investors on a pro rata basis.

10.When liability for a toxic tort or a liability under tort law is allocated pro rata.

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in proportion
Synonyms: proportionately, proportionately,

in proportion
Synonyms: proportionately, proportionately,

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