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proceed against sentence in Hindi

"proceed against" meaning in Hindiproceed against in a sentence
  • She also will need some military approval to proceed against Jemaah Islamiyah.
  • After a review, prosecutors said they had insufficient grounds to proceed against him.
  • Upon default, the mortgagee proceeds against lot X first, the mortgagor.
  • If you do I will proceed against you with legal action.
  • Judge questions whether trial can proceed against accused Sept . 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui.
  • Cooley said of Garcetti's decision not to proceed against any of the Belmont principals.
  • His aim was to blockade the Turks of Chalkida and then to proceed against Karystos.
  • But most courts will allow these suits to proceed against the other defendant or defendants.
  • We trust the SEC will agree that we are right and not proceed against him.
  • Both lawyers said their clients were saddened by the government's decision to proceed against them.
  • Regarding match fixing, he opined that " one has to proceed against these criminals ".
  • Chesley said the response " denied the creditor trust is allowed to proceed against them ."
  • The third party could proceed against the servant and master, that is, the employee and employer.
  • The same appeals court had used the same reasoning to let a suit proceed against Hughes.
  • However, as Sapna proceeds against the final task, the seventh test horribly spirals out of control.
  • The Nature and Parks Authority announced to proceed against them but so far without any visible success.
  • The three-judge panel said a case could not proceed against a person who is not in Belgium.
  • Judge Paula Omansky said the lawsuit could proceed against Todd Healy, the man who admitted hitting Wilson.
  • We will proceed against him like almost all people in his situation who get arrested for solicitation,
  • Bush's order to the CIA is part of a larger discussion about how to proceed against Iraq.
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