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proceeds of sale sentence in Hindi

"proceeds of sale" meaning in Hindi
  • Likewise, directors will not benefit from any proceeds of sales.
  • Part of the CD's proceeds of sale went to charity.
  • The proceeds of sales were donated to Make-A-Wish Canada.
  • The securities are expected to be backed by the proceeds of sales of tequila abroad.
  • The interests under the settlement are over-reached i . e . shifted to the proceeds of sale.
  • The proceeds of sales in December of $ 2 billion of bonds were set aside for use in 1997.
  • Revenue is generated from the proceeds of sales and lease of the vast landed properties for domestic construction, agricultural and industrial use.
  • Both assets continue to exist, the goods in the hands of the buyer and proceeds of sale in the hands of the seller.
  • Between 2011 and 2015 Together for Short Lives has benefited from the proceeds of sales The X Factor charity and winner s singles.
  • If the borrower defaults, the logbook lender can seize the vehicle and look to the proceeds of sale for satisfaction of the loan.
  • It took several years to secure funding, with public donations, some from the regiment's funds, and the proceeds of sales of a regimental history.
  • However, the plaintiff issued its own invoices to the customers who remitted the proceeds of sale directly to the bank account of the plaintiff.
  • In March 2011, ArteMita hosted an exhibition of paintings by Magdiel Perez in which ten percent of the proceeds of sales were donated to CVIS.
  • That could drive the dollar down because international investors often convert the proceeds of sales of U . S . stocks and bonds into other currencies.
  • She was to receive a further sum amounting ( together with the ?2m ) to one-half of the gross proceeds of sale of the six townhouses.
  • The proceeds of sale represent an important element of the overall reconstruction and renewal plan for the corporation, which is proceeding as planned for implementation in 1996,
  • It should be understood that  res may be the vessel ( including its appurtenances and equipment ), the cargo, the freight or even the proceeds of sale.
  • Under the terms of the Land Fund, the government takes half the proceeds of sales and puts the rest in the Land Fund, where it cannot be touched.
  • The congregation holds services in All Saints Lodge, a Church centre at Highgate bought by St Laurence Church out of the proceeds of sale of All Saints Church.
  • The song was dedicated to the " Fatherless Children of France " and a portion of the proceeds of sales of the sheet music went to supporting these children.
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