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process camera sentence in Hindi

"process camera" meaning in Hindi
  • Process cameras were still widely in use until the late 1980s and early 1990s.
  • When all the layers were finished, they were combined into one image using a large process camera.
  • As a result, the process camera has become obsolete very quickly indeed and very few remain in use.
  • This was common for reproduction photography of flat copy when large film negatives were used ( see Process camera ).
  • At that time, computer-to-plate technology became economically viable and had significant advantages over the analogue process cameras.
  • These " process cameras " are usually recognisable by their special film magazines, which look like two standard film magazines on top of each other.
  • In this system, a final paste-up that needed no further changes or additions was ready to be photographed by the process camera and subsequently printed.
  • He invented several techniques related to halftone blockmaking, of which the " screen-adjusting machine " for the automatic focussing of process cameras, was also assembled in England following his design.
  • These are generally referred to as a " process camera " and consist of vertically mounted models for smaller work and horizontal units mounted on rails for very large works such as maps and plans.
  • Classically designed apochromatic process camera lenses generally have a maximum aperture limited to about 9 . More recently, higher-speed apo lenses have been produced for medium format, digital and 35 mm cameras.
  • Commercial contact printers or process cameras usually use a pump-operated vacuum frame where the original and the photosensitive surface are pressed together against a flat glass by a grooved rubber mat connected to the vacuum source.
  • Sometimes on a single transparent base, usually mylar, with Layer 1 being on the front and Layer 2 being on the back, in red and green, respectively, for later " separation " into component parts using a process camera.
  • These studies led him to investigate the theoretical basis of the process camera and arrive at conclusions which standardises the hitherto empirical practices at process work .   A camera and various pieces of half-tone equipment [ arrived ] from Britain [ & ] bybullock cart; soon after that, they moved out of 13 Cornwallis Street to a house not far away which Upendrakisore had made into a studio.

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