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process condition sentence in Hindi

"process condition" meaning in Hindi
  • Multiphase pumps are designed to operate under changing or fluctuating process conditions.
  • The fabrication method and process conditions are generally indicated by the microstructure.
  • Additives, polymer variations and different process conditions can create a range of characteristics.
  • In general, ? is largely determined by the catalyst and the specific process conditions.
  • Another facet of tuning involves determining the proper ammonia flow for all process conditions.
  • Vibrating viscometers are rugged industrial systems used to measure viscosity in the process condition.
  • Process conditions were adjusted based largely on a human operator's heuristic knowledge of the process behavior.
  • When the alarm clears ( process condition returns to normal ), the lamps in the window go out.
  • He established a world wide network in this area and studied biological processes in detail under different process condition.
  • High concentration of sulfur requires optimum process conditions to avoid production of sulfur dioxide and reduced sulfur gas emissions.
  • By altering the process conditions, acetic anhydride may also be produced on the same plant using the rhodium catalysts.
  • Another example occurs during thin film materials with different thermal and crystalline properties are deposited sequentially under different process conditions.
  • Typically data is transferred on data change, on a time basis, or based on process conditions  Run, Stop, etc.
  • The properties of the gas, liquid, and solid output are determined by the type of feed-stock used and the process conditions.
  • In industrial process control, thousands of analog loop controllers were used to automatically regulate temperature, flow, pressure, or other process conditions.
  • It calculates the concentration of the process liquid based on the refractive index and temperature, taking pre-defined process conditions into account.
  • Mechanical performance of a biodegradable polymer depends on various factors which include monomer selection, initiator selection, process conditions and the presence of additives.
  • During the firing of the phosphor, process conditions must be controlled to prevent oxidation of the phosphor activators or contamination from the process vessels.
  • The design of wet scrubbers or any air pollution control device depends on the industrial process conditions and the nature of the air pollutants involved.
  • Due to a better material use, which is caused by process conditions, blanks with a smaller initial thickness compared to cavity forming can be used.
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