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English-Hindi > process condition

process condition meaning in Hindi

process condition sentence in Hindi

• प्रक्रम अवस्था
process    व्यवस्था क्रम
condition    उपाधि दशा नियम
1.Multiphase pumps are designed to operate under changing or fluctuating process conditions.

2.The fabrication method and process conditions are generally indicated by the microstructure.

3.Additives, polymer variations and different process conditions can create a range of characteristics.

4.In general, ? is largely determined by the catalyst and the specific process conditions.

5.Another facet of tuning involves determining the proper ammonia flow for all process conditions.

6.Vibrating viscometers are rugged industrial systems used to measure viscosity in the process condition.

7.Process conditions were adjusted based largely on a human operator's heuristic knowledge of the process behavior.

8.When the alarm clears ( process condition returns to normal ), the lamps in the window go out.

9.He established a world wide network in this area and studied biological processes in detail under different process condition.

10.High concentration of sulfur requires optimum process conditions to avoid production of sulfur dioxide and reduced sulfur gas emissions.

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