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process control system sentence in Hindi

"process control system" meaning in Hindi
  • The Elliott 803 was the computer used in ISI-609 process control system.
  • "' brewmaxx "'is a process control system for the brewing industry.
  • For example, nanoscale process control systems, working with nano-enabled information systems.
  • Linked-OS was also used to construct fail-over Process control systems with higher resilience.
  • These resources include workers as well as process control systems.
  • The PSS gathers real-time data from the process control system, typically a distributed control system.
  • Analog Devices industrial market includes process control systems that help drive productivity, energy efficiency and reliability.
  • However, with the process control systems now used on these sites, such an operator is obsolete.
  • Examples include process control systems ( SCADA ) used in many manufacturing applications on a global basis.
  • Being controlled by a complex process control system the regulation of the environmental conditions reaches a high level.
  • The IBM 1070 Process Communication Supervisor was a dedicated process control system that ran as an extension under BOS.
  • Interrupts are probably used mostly in conjunction with custom interfaces provided as part of ARCH real time process control systems.
  • Scrap reporting can also be done by using data from the Process control system and / or Manufacturing Execution System.
  • Larger more complex systems can be controlled by process control systems like Distributed Control System ( DCS ) or SCADA.
  • The company also makes aircraft safety equipment such as fire suppression systems, electronic measuring instruments, and process control systems used in manufacturing.
  • Secondly, the analysis of plant failure modes is leading to the separation of critical alarm monitoring and process control systems for safety reasons.
  • Through the design of more intelligent process control systems and efficient plant designs some general tips to reduce operating costs are listed below
  • Advanced process control systems for process miniaturization will increase the need for controlling the security and ownership of process intelligence in a knowledge-based business.
  • All the upgrade projects were tied into the plant-wide process control system ( PCS ), which monitors and controls the plant s processes from a central location.
  • He spent 10 years writing software for process control systems at CERN, which was interrupted by three years teaching undergraduate computer science at Massey University in New Zealand.
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