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English-Hindi > pull cord

pull cord meaning in Hindi

pull cord sentence in Hindi

कर्ष रज्जु
pull    कश भरना ऐंठन दबाव
cord    डोरी तन्तु रज्जु
1.Workers pull cords to send the balloons cascading down atop the delegates.

2.It was a plastic winged fairy that was launched with a pull cord.

3.In 1995, the commission recalled window blinds and draperies with looped pull cords.

4.Holiday Retirement apartments also include emergency pull cords that notify managers of emergency situations.

5.Another was a lighted pull cord.

6.Within zone 0, no devices are allowed apart from suitable equipment and or insulated pull cords.

7.When its yellow pull cord is tugged, the toy sings the " ABC Song ."

8.It will be controlled by steel cable pull cords in the cockpit that are connected to a latch system.

9.A lighted overhead pull cord similar to those used on buses was appealing to adults and engineers, Wood said.

10.Freed hostages have said their captors carry backpacks with explosives rigged to detonate if they pull cords on their chests.

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