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English-Hindi > punch bowl

punch bowl meaning in Hindi

punch bowl sentence in Hindi
बरतन जिस में पंच पिलाया जाता है
पंच पात्र
punch    घूँसा कठ पुतली के
bowl    लकड़ी की गेंद
1.Combine cranberry juice cocktail and orange juice in a large punch bowl.

2.In a punch bowl, combine hot apple cider, lemon juice and rum.

3.One claim is that it is buried in the Devil's Punch Bowl.

4.Cut flowers in punch bowls first became popular in the flapper age.

5.David Duval and Jim Furyk won the punch bowl and denim jackets.

6.Give the goblins a scare when they dip into the punch bowl.

7.In a punch bowl ( preferably silver ), place the sugar lumps.

8.Also in Craghead there are many public houses including the Punch Bowl.

9.To break the tie, a name was drawn from a punch bowl.

10.In a punch bowl, combine the milk and pudding mix; mix well.

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a large bowl for serving beverages; usually with a ladle

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