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punch in sentence in Hindi

"punch in" meaning in Hindipunch in in a sentence
  • The coaches had felt the news like a punch in the conscience.
  • Not with the Cowboys having reinstalled the punch in their running game.
  • To microwave four muffins, simply punch in 1 1 / 2 minutes.
  • Quarry took a lot of punches in order to throw his own.
  • All that hype evens up after the first punch in the mouth.
  • The case had less punch in 1982 than it did in 1969.
  • Consensus was he left his best punches in the lower weight divisions.
  • He won via TKO due to punches in the second round.
  • Visitors punch in my apartment number and my phone line rings.
  • Cooper finally fell to a series of punches in the seventh.
  • Octavio Valdez took advantage to punch in three goals for Pachuca.
  • Johnson won by TKO due to punches in the second round.
  • Which is it _ a punch in or on the nose?
  • You just punch in the numbers and hope to get lucky.
  • But you can bypass the scan and punch in the channel you want.
  • Every time I put a punch in, he gave a counterpunch,
  • He won the fight via TKO by punches in round three.
  • That time, Gebre got away with one punch in the face.
  • Olajuwon decked Jazz center Billy Paultz with a punch in 1985.
  • Just punch in the conversion rate when you cross the border.
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