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English-Hindi > punch into

punch into meaning in Hindi

punch into sentence in Hindi
punch    घूँसा कठ पुतली के
into    उपर भीतर में बीच
1.The Afro-sporting Grier packed sex and punch into one voluptuous package.

2.They also have the ability to punch into an angel, killing it.

3.We want Argentina to put more punch into investigation to help us find it.

4.So, Rooney drove a dozen ferocious punches into the dog's side.

5.They grab his shirt, spit and punch into the air over his head.

6.Petrified wood rings the top and punches into the edges like ragged soldiers on guard.

7.Now he throws that punch into basketball.

8.No longer were thousands of Soviet-built tanks ready to punch into Western Europe.

9.Babies were killed by squirting the cyanide-laced punch into their mouths with syringes.

10.He can also concentrate the diffuse strength of the punches into one concentrated blow called.

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