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English-Hindi > punch operator

punch operator meaning in Hindi

punch operator sentence in Hindi

पंच प्रचालक
पंचित्र प्रचालक
punch    घूँसा कठ पुतली के
operator    आपरेटर ऑपरेटर
1.She was so taken with them that she became a volunteer key punch operator, entering data for him.

2.After graduating from high school, she took her first job as a key-punch operator for Columbia Pictures.

3.Department officials said the old regulations mention job classifications that no longer exist such as key-punch operators, straw bosses, leg men and gang leaders.

4._Will update job " duties " tests that have not been updated since 1949 and still identify obsolete occupations such as straw bosses and key-punch operators.

5.Before WeBOC the exemption of withholding tax was used to be granted on submitting hard copy of exemption certificate to the PRAL key punch operator, who entered that number manually and importer used to get exemption.

6.But according to Peter Graham, now university librarian at Syracuse, who served early in his career as a key-punch operator : " We had what we called a chad box underneath the key punch.

7."I sometimes say I'm America's senior programmer because I don't think a lot of people from back then are still programming, " said Harris, 68, who began as a key-punch operator in college.

8.In the 1960s, Savio, a fiery, inspiring orator whose father was a machine punch operator, was an adversary of Clark Kerr, the University of California president, who referred to the university as a factory and dismissed the Free Speech Movement as " a ritual of hackneyed complaints ."

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