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English-Hindi > punch out

punch out meaning in Hindi

punch out sentence in Hindi
पंच आउट करना
punch    घूँसा कठ पुतली के
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.They punch out the trio and then chase them around the house.

2.Koepp again wrings solid dramatic punch out of comparatively limited character interplay.

3.He had his fists clenched as if to punch out at someone.

4.Even if someone has OEM pipes they usually punch out the baffling.

5.Misty hands over her keyboard and Katie punches out a message.

6.Hey, why don't you punks go home and punch out Gramps?

7.Emotionally their fists are up at every moment, ready to punch out someone.

8.To open the coconut, punch out the eyes with a screwdriver and hammer.

9.She goes into a punches out, free-falling along with the Viper.

10.Guys have been on first and third and I'll punch out.

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register one''s departure from work
Synonyms: clock out, clock off,

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