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English-Hindi > punch press

punch press meaning in Hindi

punch press sentence in Hindi
पंच प्रेस
punch    घूँसा कठ पुतली के
press    दीवारी अल्मारी
1.Punch presses are usually referred to by their tonnage and table size.

2.He drove a tanker truck and operated a punch press.

3.Amada's machines-CNC turret punch presses, bending machines, and laser cutting machine have the most demand.

4.The punch press is used for high volume production.

5.The welding machines, press brakes and punch presses are idle; the sheet metal fabricating shop is empty.

6.Meanwhile in Detroit, a Ford punch press was punching out caps and then an operation applied threads.

7.A punch press smashed one Zippo's top.

8.Near stacks of these items is a punch press that punches holes into steel with 20 tons of pressure.

9.Common equipment used for the perforation of metal include rotary pinned perforation rollers, die and punch presses, and laser perforations.

10.The holes required for ports, filler tubes, vents etc . are generally created with the use of a punch press.

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a power driven press used to shape metal parts

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