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English-Hindi > punched card

punched card meaning in Hindi

punched card sentence in Hindi
1.The Hollerith punched cards used for the US 1890 census were blank.

2.Punched cards remained in use in computing up until the mid 1980s.

3.Wallace Flint proposed an automated checkout system in 1932 using punched cards.

4.One of the earliest text entry interfaces was the punched card input.

5.Time clocks used punched cards to record workers in and out times.

6.Punched cards became ubiquitous in industry and government for accounting and administration.

7.The original Princeton implementation used punched cards and the EBCDIC character set.

8.Stacks of IBM punched cards are present near Ledley's right arm . ]]

9.Programs were prepared ahead of time, offline, on paper tape or punched cards.

10.Peripherals included punched tape readers, punched card readers, and line printers.

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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes
Synonyms: punch card, Hollerith card,

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