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English-Hindi > punk rocker

punk rocker meaning in Hindi

punk rocker sentence in Hindi
पंक संगीत
पंक रॉकर
punk    पंक पंखा बदमाश
rocker    पालना एक प्रकार का
1.No, this isn't a list of punk rockers.

2.Yet the Go-Go's were terrible punk rockers.

3.Punk rocker nerd Danny even managed to graduate a year early.

4.He already has played punk rocker Sid Vicious and Lee Harvey Oswald.

5.We're used to seeing punk rockers in black nail polish.

6."We're a bunch of punk rockers.

7.Suddenly young punk rockers have a show of their own,

8.One Halloween, Golden and Brosnihan arrived as punk rockers.

9.But today they're not just for punk rockers.

10.David Weinstone was a punk rocker and not a terribly successful one.

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