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English-Hindi > quadrant method

quadrant method meaning in Hindi

quadrant method sentence in Hindi

• चतुरस्र-प्रणाली
quadrant    वृत्त का चतुर्य भग
method    संचार कायदा क्रम
1.Methods of quadrant method, and use of a plat diagram.

2.Quadrant Method : Leads I and II are usually observed.

3.Quadrant Method : Leads I and aVF are usually observed.

4.The electrical heart axis can be estimated from the ECG by using quadrant method or degree method.

5.The electrical heart axis can be estimated from the ECG by using the quadrant method or degree method.

6.Clinicians use the quadrant method because in reality, organs are mobile and move around when the patient is in different positions.

7.Such description such as one determined by the " metes and bounds " or quadrant methods, or referring to a lot number and block number in a recorded plat diagram.

8.Kane, Lo and Zheng ( 2014 ) published a thorough analysis of three data sets using multiple methods in a marketing journal and provided evidence that a newer approach ( known as the Four Quadrant Method ) worked quite well in practice.

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