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quadripartite agreement meaning in Hindi

quadripartite agreement sentence in Hindi
1.These two agreements are popularly called quadripartite agreements.

2.Brazil and Argentina s joint collaborations became integrated with larger multilateral parties via the 1991 Quadripartite Agreement with IAEA and ABACC.

3.The nuclear safeguards in place in Brazil are under the oversight of ABACC and the IAEA, per the provisions of the 1991 Quadripartite Agreement.

4.In 2011, NSG members came to an agreement on this issue, recognizing the Quadripartite Agreement between Brazil, Argentina and the IAEA as a temporary alternative to the AP.

5.The Quadripartite Agreement is drawn up " in the English, French and Russian languages, all texts being equally authentic . " Thus, there is no authentic text in the German language.

6.In the 1990s, the country created the bilateral ABACC commission with Argentina, signed the Quadripartite Agreement with the IAEA, adhered to the NPT, and reiterated its peaceful nuclear ambitions on several occasions.

7.On 13 December 1991, they signed the Quadripartite agreement, at the IAEA headquarters, creating the Brazilian Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials and allowing fullscope IAEA safeguards of Argentine and Brazilian nuclear installations.

8.Also during his Government, Brazil ratified important pacts ( for example the Tlatelolco Treaty and a quadripartite agreement also involving Argentina and the International Atomic Energy Agency on full-scope safeguards ), which set Brazil on the nonproliferation path.

9.The "'Four-Power Pact "'also known as a "'Quadripartite Agreement "'was an international treaty initialed on June 7, 1933, and signed on July 15, 1933, in the Palazzo Venezia, Rome.

10.Central African Airways ( CAA ) was a member of the Quadripartite agreements with South African Airways ( SAA ), East African Airways ( EAA ) and British Overseas Airways Corporation ( BOAC ), thus allowing its passengers to be booked on any of the four airlines.

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