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quality newspaper sentence in Hindi

"quality newspaper" meaning in Hindiquality newspaper in a sentence
  • It was favourably reviewed in many general interest quality newspapers and magazines.
  • She networked to encourage the BBC and quality newspapers to feature primary education.
  • It is known as a publisher of quality newspapers with a liberal political bent.
  • The paper was midway between the nation's quality newspapers and the scandalous tabloids.
  • My parents subscribe to your quality newspaper.
  • Most street press publications are printed on low-quality newspaper stock to reduce costs.
  • The following day quality newspaper Corriere della Sera the publishes first three winners'names.
  • Knight-Ridder publishes quality newspapers.
  • "Gailhaguet in an uncomfortable situation, " the quality newspaper Le Monde headlined.
  • He wants LaRouche sources to be treated on a par with academics and mainstream high quality newspapers.
  • Both companies also have reputations for publishing high-quality newspapers with strong ties to their local communities.
  • It was not easy as general manager in these circumstances with the task of producing a quality newspaper.
  • It's available to anyone with a modem, and some of it makes it into quality newspapers.
  • As pointed out, a dedicated paragraph in a leading quality newspaper is significant coverage in a reliable source.
  • It has been the most reliable quality newspaper, offering analytical articles about Serbia's political and economic troubles.
  • Despite the appeals for orthodoxy, Jiang also called on reporters to improve their professionalism and churn out higher quality newspapers.
  • It is one of Austria's best-selling quality newspapers and on 18 June 2005 celebrated its 5000th edition.
  • To add to my original question ( different address numbers-same person ) I would also suggest reading a quality newspaper everyday.
  • Jostling with The Independent at the newsstand are several other broadsheets, known in Britain as quality newspapers, all with strong party philosophies.
  • Plugh said Newspaper Media Corp . will look to acquire other quality newspapers ranging from 20, 000 to 150, 000 in circulation.
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