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quality of goods sentence in Hindi

"quality of goods" meaning in Hindiquality of goods in a sentence
  • The quality of goods has recently improved in many of these stores.
  • Most innovations either make production more efficient, or improve the quality of goods.
  • The quality of goods is extremely variable, but only the naive need risk ambush.
  • Americans are coming to understand the qualities of good cheese.
  • Before statutory law, the buyer had no express warranty ensuring the quality of goods.
  • Kasitina blames Russian tradesmen for the poor quality of goods that filled the markets here.
  • Speed is not the essential quality of good development.
  • Dogs are judged on the efficiency of their work and on qualities of good stockmanship.
  • The primary qualities of good meat rabbit breeding stock are growth rate and mothering ability.
  • Akerlof's paper shows how prices can determine the quality of goods traded on the market.
  • Their background makes them simple, hard working, honest and loyal-the essential qualities of good soldiers.
  • Self-logistics were developed in order to provide consumers with a heightened quality of goods and services.
  • Thus, it is necessary to make adjustments for differences in the quality of goods and services.
  • Comprehensiveness was not the mark of a distinct genre, but simply a quality of good writing.
  • In Lesotho Steyn presided over many hearings that affected the quality of good governance in the Kingdom.
  • Strikes involving permanent replacement workers are potentially longer, more bitter and compromise the quality of goods produced.
  • The church possesses the qualities of good construction : " solidity, capacity, light and artistic beauty ."
  • Burnet said Drouot has sought to boost the quality of goods, produce better-quality catalogs and advertise abroad.
  • Men did most of the shopping, since the main criterion was credit rather than quality of goods.
  • Somewhat smaller today, the traditions and diversity of the market and the quality of goods still holds true.
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