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English-Hindi > quantum jump

quantum jump meaning in Hindi

quantum jump sentence in Hindi
1.Quantum Jump's sound was a hybrid of fusion, funk, and jazz rock.

2."The quantum jump we didn't know about back then was cable,"

3.He was also a member of 1970s British band Quantum Jump.

4.We expect a quantum jump in productivity once the system is in place,

5.She is also able to perform quantum jumps, or teleportation, over short distances.

6.This led him to impose the quantum jump frequency condition.

7.Then physicists found quantum jumps of energy, the quantum of electric charge and more.

8."You need a quantum jump in technology, " he said.

9.A sudden quantum jump in the phone bill led to an investigation into the matter.

10.Einstein emphasized wave particle duality, while Bohr emphasized the discrete energy states and quantum jumps.

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a sudden large increase or advance; "this may not insure success but it will represent a quantum leap from last summer"
Synonyms: quantum leap,

(physics) an abrupt transition of an electron or atom or molecule from one quantum state to another with the emission or absorption of a quantum

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