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English-Hindi > quill pen

quill pen meaning in Hindi

quill pen sentence in Hindi
पंख की कलम

क्रोक्विल लेखनी
बारीक कलम
quill    काँटा पंख पर का कलम
pen    घेरा बाँध जानवरों
1.So has penmanship gone the way of the quill pen?

2.Opposing counsels are provided white quill pens for jotting notes.

3.Carbon paper would not have worked well with quill pens circa 1800.

4.The quill pen dives into the ink pot and then crackles on parchment.

5.The inconsistent ink fading in letters written with quill pens is another problem.

6.Q . You write with a quill pen?

7.But wrestling with a stylo plume ( quill pen ) makes it even tougher.

8.They also had to know how to mend quill pens and wield birch rods.

9.Knowledge seems puzzled as she contemplates writing on her slate with a quill pen.

10.Wielding a quill pen over parchment documents, she wears her authority like battle gear.

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