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English-Hindi > rabbit test

rabbit test meaning in Hindi

rabbit test sentence in Hindi
शशक परीक्षण
rabbit    खरहा शशक ख़रगोश
test    जांच परख टैस्ट मैच
1.He popped up in various popular TV shows including " Rabbit Test ".

2.The rabbit test became a widely used bioassay ( animal-based test ) to test for pregnancy.

3.The term " rabbit test " was first recorded in 1949 and became a common phrase in the English language.

4.Next he taught them to perform the once-famed " rabbit test, " then the primary means of determining pregnancy.

5.In the 1970s, he produced the feature film " Rabbit Test " ( 1978 ), written and directed by Rivers.

6.And the traditional rabbit test required a missed period, a scheduled doctor's visit and two days of lab testing before a verdict.

7.Joan Rivers tried her hand at it in 1978 in " Rabbit Test, " with Billy Crystal as the little man who killed the rabbit.

8.Later variations on this test used rabbits or amphibians, leading to the phrase " the rabbit died " to describe the discovery of a new pregnancy using the rabbit test.

9.Even so, Joan Rivers'low-budget " Rabbit Test, " same topic, 16 years earlier, was so much more earnest than this formula item.

10.The synopsis highlights an aspect of the film's plot which revolves around the so-called rabbit test, a disturbing practice employed to detect pregnancy used in the early twentieth century.

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