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rabbit warren sentence in Hindi

"rabbit warren" meaning in Hindi
  • In the 14th century part of the site was a rabbit warren.
  • This became a rabbit warren, the centre piece of a Pet's Corner.
  • Dolebury Warren, another Iron Age hillfort, was reused as a medieval rabbit warren.
  • My patrol of our theatrical rabbit warren takes me to the sixth-floor space.
  • Dolebury Warren another Iron Age hill fort was reused as a medieval rabbit warren.
  • Whites notes that in medieval times there were extensive rabbit warrens in the area.
  • Its deceptively simple exterior conceals a rabbit warren of lavish rooms, weaponry and treasure.
  • Viscount Wentworth also had his lands in Elmsthorpe enclosed, including an extensive rabbit warren.
  • Jackdaws can breed in buildings or in rabbit warrens.
  • Carver believed in restoring the overgrown site, much of which was riddled with rabbit warrens.
  • What, no rabbit warrens of unusable space to reconfigure?
  • Ditsworthy Warren was the largest rabbit warren in England.
  • A number of rabbit warrens continued through the 1970s.
  • Rabbit warrens began their popularity in the mid-1960s, with the new H0e gauge 750 mm gauge.
  • Wildcats hunting rabbits have been observed to wait above rabbit warrens for their prey to emerge.
  • A local folk tale tells that two Houghton poachers once raided a rabbit warren inhabited by fairies.
  • First the hunter finds the rabbit warren.
  • This method of building has often been criticised as creating a'rabbit warren', impractical for the local police.
  • Sharpenhoe Clappers is an Iron Age hill fort, together with medieval rabbit warrens and associated agricultural earthworks.
  • The city's aging high-rise industrial buildings, built inside like rabbit warrens, are perfect places to hide manufacturing equipment.
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