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English-Hindi > rabbit warren

rabbit warren meaning in Hindi

rabbit warren sentence in Hindi
खरगोश का बाड़ा
rabbit    खरहा शशक ख़रगोश
warren    पशु-भूमि वारेन
1.In the 14th century part of the site was a rabbit warren.

2.This became a rabbit warren, the centre piece of a Pet's Corner.

3.Dolebury Warren, another Iron Age hillfort, was reused as a medieval rabbit warren.

4.My patrol of our theatrical rabbit warren takes me to the sixth-floor space.

5.Dolebury Warren another Iron Age hill fort was reused as a medieval rabbit warren.

6.Whites notes that in medieval times there were extensive rabbit warrens in the area.

7.Its deceptively simple exterior conceals a rabbit warren of lavish rooms, weaponry and treasure.

8.Viscount Wentworth also had his lands in Elmsthorpe enclosed, including an extensive rabbit warren.

9.Jackdaws can breed in buildings or in rabbit warrens.

10.Carver believed in restoring the overgrown site, much of which was riddled with rabbit warrens.

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an overcrowded residential area
Synonyms: warren,

a series of connected underground tunnels occupied by rabbits
Synonyms: warren,

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