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English-Hindi > race conflict

race conflict meaning in Hindi

race conflict sentence in Hindi

प्रजाति द् वंद् व
race    शर्त बदी हुई दौड़
conflict    झगड़ा टक्कर
1.In 1939, there was a races conflicts because of political, economic and religious.

2.To promote reconciliation after decades of race conflict, the commission can grant amnesty to people who confess their crimes.

3.Race conflict is a thing of the past, since the " dark elements " of the American hegemony have died out.

4.Conflict theories draw attention to power differentials, such as class, gender and race conflict, and contrast historically dominant ideologies.

5.Eric Greene writes that it is especially popular among racial nationalists and reactionaries of different stripes, who use it in reference to race conflict.

6.In order to minimize these regional, class, and race conflicts, nation-states fabricate myths of origin that produce the illusion of shared ethnicity among all their inhabitants.

7.Horowitz says that Gumplowicz understood conflict in all its forms : " class conflict, race conflict and ethnic conflict ", and calls him one of the fathers of Conflict Theory.

8.African-American parents in New York City pointed to less fighting and race conflict in the private schools, the expectation of more homework, and better communication between parent and teacher.

9.But many are split by race conflicts, which sometimes pit members with more Indian blood against those with less, said Robert B . Porter, director of the Tribal Law and Government Center at the University of Kansas School of Law.

10.The " E . Filmcritic " reviewer felt that as the auto accident that resulted the topic's traffic jam is between black woman and a white father and son pair, his initial impression was that the film would be about interpersonal race conflict.

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