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English-Hindi > race riots

race riots meaning in Hindi

race riots sentence in Hindi

प्रजातीय उपद्रव
race    शर्त बदी हुई दौड़
1.This commentator was expecting a guilty verdict and feared race riots.

2.Austin was experiencing race riots as whites resisted integrating public schools.

3.Within three years, Los Angeles was engulfed in race riots.

4.Huge gaps in wealth helped fuel the race riots in 1969.

5.Urban riots are closely associated with race riots and police riots.

6.In 1921 the guardsmen were rushed to the Tulsa Race Riot.

7.He was noted for dispersing an anti-Chinese race riot.

8.Cardiff's first race riot occurred in Newtown in 1848.

9.Race riots in big cities had become regular summer events.

10.A race riot erupted in Roxbury's Grove Hall in 1967.

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