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English-Hindi > rack railway

rack railway meaning in Hindi

rack railway sentence in Hindi
दाँतेदार रेलमार्ग
rack    आलमारी इत्यादि
railway    रेल-पथ रेलमार्ग
1.On 21 September 1886, the adhesion and rack railway line.

2.Rack railway switches are as varied as rack railway technologies.

3.Rack railway switches are as varied as rack railway technologies.

4.It was locally fitted for the Abt Rack railway system.

5.It is accessible by a rack railway in the world.

6.It has replaced a standard-gauge rack railway line.

7.These were retained for a brake system established on the rack railway.

8.Even before the Arth Rigi rack railway that followed it.

9.This cableway replaced in 1960 the previous rack railway, built in 1907.

10.It is a gauge rack railway using the SLM of Winterthur in Switzerland.

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railway for steep mountains; a cogwheel on the locomotive engages cogs on a center rail to provide traction
Synonyms: cog railway,

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