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radian measure sentence in Hindi

"radian measure" meaning in Hindiradian measure in a sentence
  • The radian measure is defined in such a way as to make derivative at the origin 1.
  • The concept of radian measure, as opposed to the degree of an angle, is normally credited to Roger Cotes in 1714.
  • Since the area ratio between the sector and the full circle is the same as the ratio between their radian measures, we have
  • The area of the circle sector is half the radian measure of the angle between the " unstretched " lines; scale that up to get the area of the ellipse sector.
  • In Madhava's table, the entry corresponding to 22.50?is the measure in arcminutes, arcseconds and sixtieths of arcseconds of the angle whose radian measure is the modern value of sin 22.50?
  • When a circle sector is converted to a cone, the circle radius becomes the cone slant height, the circle radius times the sector radian measure becomes the base circumference, and the cone radius is proportional to the cone base circumference.
  • He spent the rest of his life developing methods to compute these functions and tabulated many sets of functions : Neumann functions, sines and cosines in radian measure ( needed in turn for the computation of transcendental functions ), the Lommel-Weber function and the confluent hypergeometric functions.
  • Recalling that angles are in radian measure, and that the value being used in the example is 30 degrees, this is about 0.524 radians; halved and squared as the coefficient of the fractional change in " ? " says, this coefficient is about 0.07.

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