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radiant heating sentence in Hindi

"radiant heating" meaning in Hindiradiant heating in a sentence
  • Most have a flat or gently sloped roof and in-floor radiant heating.
  • "' Radiant heating "'is a technology for heating indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Electric radiant heating uses heating elements that reach a high temperature.
  • Engineered flooring is also suitable for underfloor and radiant heating systems.
  • Infrared lamps are commonly used in radiant heating for industrial processes and building heating.
  • A radiant heating system was installed in the reserved-seating area, but it rarely worked.
  • Radiant heating systems may be embedded within the concrete floor.
  • When built, the church had used a radiant heating system.
  • LATICRETE also recently expanded its radiant heating offering by introducing LATICRETE?Floor HEAT Wire.
  • Uponor belongs to the innovators in radiant heating and cooling.
  • Radiant heating is an attempt to duplicate this heating method.
  • Radiant heating as a technology is more narrowly defined.
  • So the new one will have a radiant heating system under the floor, Quattrocchi said.
  • Its built-in radiant heating system never worked.
  • The hangar is heated by a radiant heating system consisting of hot water circulated beneath the concrete floor.
  • Chiller boiler systems use radiant heating and cooling or fan coil systems to condition a home or business.
  • The infrastructure is largely shared amongst the units, with radiant heating utilizing water delivered from a central boiler system.
  • His horizontal, wide-open houses that featured carports and radiant heating influenced design and changed the way many Americans lived.
  • The house was to be 1800 square feet and featured radiant heating through hot water pipes installed in the floor slab.
  • Q : My house has radiant heating in the ceilings and we have a continual problem with the ceiling plaster cracking.
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