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English-Hindi > radiocarpal joint

radiocarpal joint meaning in Hindi

radiocarpal joint sentence in Hindi
कलाई का जोड़

बहिः प्रकोष्ठिका मणिबंध संधि
radiocarpal    बहिःप्रकोष्ठिका-म�
joint    कब्जा कब्ज़ा गाँठ
1.The parts forming the radiocarpal joint are the lower end of the condyle, which is received into the concavity.

2.There are many surgical treatments of the condition, but most of these only improve the alignment and function of the radiocarpal joint.

3.Osteoarthritis between the radius bone and the carpals is indicated by a " radiocarpal joint space " of less than 2mm.

a joint between the distal end of the radius and the proximal row of carpal bones
Synonyms: wrist, carpus, wrist joint, articulatio radiocarpea,

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