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English-Hindi > rational psychology

rational psychology meaning in Hindi

rational psychology sentence in Hindi

• बुद् धि मूलक मनोविज्ञान
rational    बुद्धि संपन्न
psychology    मनोवृति अध्यात्म
1.He undertook additional study in rational psychology, experimental psychology, physics and anthropology.

2.Once more, we are in the now familiar difficulty of the paralogism of Rational Psychology or of the Antinomies.

3.Wade is best known for his teaching of metaphysics, rational psychology, history of philosophy, and in later years, ethics.

4.Terruwe based her work on that of Thomas Aquinas and " the relevance of Thomistic rational psychology to neurosis and its treatment . " Her work is also based on that of Professor W . J . A . J . Duynstee, C . SS . R ., LL . D . who studied Aquinas.

5.Theoretical philosophy had for its parts ontology or " philosophia prima ", cosmology, rational psychology, and natural theology; ontology treats of the existent in general, cosmology of the world as a whole, psychology of the soul as a simple non-extended substance, and rational theology of the existence and attributes of God.

6.His first major book, " Elements of Metaphysics " ( 1903 ), dedicated ( in heartfelt acknowledgment ) to F . H . Bradley, is a systematic treatise of metaphysics covering such topics as ontology, cosmology, and rational psychology, and influenced by such luminaries as Josiah Royce, Robert Adamson, Wilhelm Ostwald, Bertrand Russell, and even Louis Couturat.

7.He deems that " rational psychology and cosmology bear witness in favor of spiritism ", i . e . against materialism : the matter is not sentient and free, and thus not subject to the law of causativity, so man's consciousness and freedom cannot possibly be a result of matter, but of higher and perfected being, i . e . the spirit.

8.This longer but less dense section of the Critique is composed of five essential elements, including an Appendix, as follows : ( a ) Introduction ( to Reason and the Transcendental Ideas ), ( b ) Rational Psychology ( the nature of the soul ), ( c ) Rational Cosmology ( the nature of the world ), ( d ) Rational Theology ( God ), and ( e ) Appendix ( on the constitutive and regulative uses of reason ).

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