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English-Hindi > ready delivery

ready delivery meaning in Hindi

ready delivery sentence in Hindi

• तत्काल
• तैयार
• हाजिर सुपुर्दगी
ready    उपलब्ध धन इच्छा
delivery    डिलिवरी अर्पण
1.Anyway, since the supplier has already kept the stock for ready delivery for the first year or agreed period, if the buyer could not fulfill the contract's conditions, such as " must buy 80 % of forecast quantity within a year, " the contract may be extended, or the delay charge could be no more, or no other charges requested by the buyer.

2.These recommendations were briefly as follows : ( 1 ) a larger force of commissioned medical officers, ( 2 ) authority to establish in time of peace a proper volunteer hospital corps, ( 3 ) a nurse corps of selected trained women nurses ready to serve whenever necessity should arise, ( 4 ) a year's supply, for an army of at least four times the normal strength, of all medicines, hospital furniture, and stores as are not materially damaged by keeping, to be held constantly on hand in the medical supply depots, ( 5 ) charge of transportation to such in extent as will secure prompt shipment and ready delivery of all medical supplies, ( 6 ) simplification of administrative paper work, ( 7 ) provision for purchase by subsistence funds of articles of special diets for the sick.

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