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English-Hindi > record keeper

record keeper meaning in Hindi

record keeper sentence in Hindi

रिकार्ड कीपर
रिकॉर्ड कीपर
record    तहरीर जीवन इतिहास
keeper    पालक रक्षक
1.According to the Book of Mormon, Amos was a Nephite record keeper.

2.The Patwari became the official record keeper for a number of villages.

3.Can you reassure us as to your competence as a record keeper?

4.In some cases, the plan's record keeper also runs the brokerage window.

5.Vanguard Group acts as the record keeper for about 900 such plans.

6.Please contact any of the above record international record keepers for verification.

7.Ottley invited steward, the senior record keeper and archivist of the city.

8.Ras was sent to Japan as a records keeper / bookkeepr or warehouseman.

9."I just don't think the records keeper should be the final arbiter ."

10.Well, the Euro-Americans were the great record keepers, the great cartographers.

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