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recovery action sentence in Hindi

"recovery action" meaning in Hindirecovery action in a sentence
  • However, proper and complete Boeing stall recovery action remained not carried out.
  • Recovery actions in the first years of independence was also commented on in the press.
  • Missing or late of the recovery action was caused by very low visibility prior to impact.
  • There are three main types of recovery actions.
  • I have agreed to assist the Union in recovery actions against others, and will honour that agreement.
  • The company was reported to have asked the commercial court to delay debt recovery action against the airline.
  • In such cases, the OSC is authorized to direct all federal, state, or private response and recovery actions.
  • The June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program ( JSRIP ) coordinates and implements recovery actions for the June sucker.
  • Me, I want Obama's economic recovery plans to succeed every bit as much as I wanted Bush's economic recovery actions to succeed.
  • That pricing encouraged funds to invest in recovery actions, which would not otherwise make financial sense due to their length and cost.
  • No other specific actions necessary for the recovery of the species have been identified, and no direct recovery actions are being implemented.
  • Submarine Squadron Fifteen personnel, assisted greatly by some Sailors from the USS FRANK CABLE ( AS 40 ), participated in post-typhoon recovery actions.
  • The men get paid for their recovery actions and can receive bonuses for successful recovery of the cargo or contents of the trailers.
  • From the February 6 15 instead the military police started a recovery action called " Opera��o Inquieta��o " ( " Operation Restlessness " ).
  • Despite getting specific warning about the wind shear condition, the flight crew still did not take any recovery action to recover from the unsafe condition.
  • "Yukos will pursue one or more damage recovery actions in forums Yukos believes appropriate to redress such damage, " the company said in its filing.
  • Vulture funds have had success in bringing attachment and recovery actions against sovereign debtor governments, usually settling with them before realizing the attachments in forced sales.
  • That is why the hardyhead is now considered a high priority for conservation recovery actions in Queensland, where steps are now being taken to exterminate the mosquitofish from the spring.
  • On the advice of biologists, the Fish and Wildlife Service dropped the hybrid policy and later decreed that " intercrossing can be an acceptable recovery action for the Florida panther ."
  • The company, which processed more than 100.000 service recovery actions in 2015, services includes hotels, taxi transportation, bus transportation, refreshment vouchers, compensation, re-booking tracing and all combined with intergrated payment solutions.
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