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English-Hindi > recovery action

recovery action meaning in Hindi

recovery action sentence in Hindi

पुनराप्‍ति कार्रवाई
recovery    पुन:प्राप्ति
action    युद्ध अभियोग रचना
1.However, proper and complete Boeing stall recovery action remained not carried out.

2.Recovery actions in the first years of independence was also commented on in the press.

3.Missing or late of the recovery action was caused by very low visibility prior to impact.

4.There are three main types of recovery actions.

5.I have agreed to assist the Union in recovery actions against others, and will honour that agreement.

6.The company was reported to have asked the commercial court to delay debt recovery action against the airline.

7.In such cases, the OSC is authorized to direct all federal, state, or private response and recovery actions.

8.The June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program ( JSRIP ) coordinates and implements recovery actions for the June sucker.

9.Me, I want Obama's economic recovery plans to succeed every bit as much as I wanted Bush's economic recovery actions to succeed.

10.That pricing encouraged funds to invest in recovery actions, which would not otherwise make financial sense due to their length and cost.

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