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English-Hindi > red cent

red cent meaning in Hindi

red cent sentence in Hindi
• सिक्का
red    घाटे मे रेड वाइन
cent    सौ फ्रांसीसी
1.Mormando, 40, said he was paid " not a red cent ."

2.They have never ever paid one red cent in taxes since 1962.

3.Before they will scare up another red cent, they demand a reckoning.

4."Nobody ever approached me with money and I never received a red cent,"

5.I could say I didn't get one red cent of the money ."

6.As we were leaving, she screamed, " A cent, a goddam single red cent.

7.He certainly shouldn't have realized another red cent from boxing.

8.Authorities, Garza then said, " never found a red cent.

9.And he deserves not one red cent of the Muellers'money.

10.A : No, these coins are still red cents.

something of little value; "his promise is not worth a damn"; "not worth one red cent"; "not worth shucks"
Synonyms: damn, darn, hoot, shit, shucks, tinker''s damn, tinker''s dam,

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