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English-Hindi > refund of deposits

refund of deposits meaning in Hindi

refund of deposits sentence in Hindi

जमा की वापसी
refund    प्रतिदाय वापसी धन
of    स् का की पर बाबत
deposits    गाद गिरवी गोदाम
1.Environment Protection Act 1993 ( SA ) now governs the levying and refund of deposits.

2.It is also believed that the government will allow the refund of deposits to residents who had signed provisional agreements to buy HOS flats but changed to the TPS.

3.Shallenburger said, " I think the settlement is fair, and in the best interests of the state of Kansas and those people who did not receive refunds of deposits for Final Four tickets ."

4.Noninterest expenses, such as salaries and buildings, fell 5.5 percent to $ 188.2 million, helped in part by an $ 18 million refund of deposit insurance premiums from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp . The company's efficiency ratio, or expenses relative to revenue, fell to 49.5 percent from 57.0 percent-- which means the company spent 49.5 cents for every dollar of revenue.

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