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registration fee sentence in Hindi

"registration fee" meaning in Hindiregistration fee in a sentence
  • Today's program is free, but a registration fee is required for Saturday.
  • They are liable for certain payments for venue hire and registration fees.
  • Registration fee is $ 100 before Friday and $ 120 after that.
  • Tonnage is also the basis for calculating registration fees and port dues.
  • The event is open to all and there is no registration fee.
  • Vehicle and boat registration fees are subsets of this kind of tax.
  • The registration fee is Bt18, 000 and places are limited to 25.
  • Prospective parents need to pay a registration fee of US $ 100.
  • The registration fee is also prohibitive for many organizations which depend on donations.
  • Volunteers pay air fare, housing, and a $ 200 registration fee.
  • Proceeds from this event come from registration fees and sponsor contributions.
  • The California Organic Program is fully funded by industry registration fees.
  • Pre-registration fee is $ 55 and must be postmarked by Dec . 8.
  • Each deposited a refundable $ 250 registration fee for the right to bid.
  • The registration fee is Bt25, 000 and the course starts on March 21.
  • Among the measures to bring in income, the government increased auto registration fees.
  • The money would come from a $ 2 increase in vehicle registration fees.
  • Until a user paid a registration fee, the programs were hobbled.
  • Membership also includes a meager registration fee collected either half yearly or annually.
  • Registration fee is Bt1, 650 which includes food, accommodation and transportation.
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