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registration mark sentence in Hindi

"registration mark" meaning in Hindiregistration mark in a sentence
  • The bike was famously known by its UK registration mark, GOV 132.
  • Registration marks inside the watch led police to Platt's home.
  • Instead, registration black is used for printing crop marks, or " registration marks ".
  • The Utah Trademark Protection Act created the electronic registration mark.
  • These may be toys made by a variety of manufacturers bearing the German registration mark.
  • The registration marks for an advanced ultra-light aeroplane after 1997 begin with " C-Ixxx ".
  • Under the Irish-registered aircraft have carried a registration mark starting " EI " for �ire.
  • Some " DW " and " EW " registration marks are also used for this purpose.
  • Annex 7 to the Chicago Convention describes the definitions, location, and measurement of nationality and registration marks.
  • Hence, a unique registration mark without letter prefix could be found on two different types of vehicles.
  • Format registration marks are similar to regular.
  • The separate issuance system of registration marks for motorcycles has been discontinued and merged with the main system.
  • When printing the design repeat, the block is precisely placed on the paper, matching it up to registration marks.
  • When such operations are conducted, not only are there no documents . . . but the equipment and weapons have no registration marks,
  • A third prototype YT-27, further modified from the previous two prototypes, received the civilian registration mark PP-ZDK, and flew on 16 August 1982.
  • During the 1950s he became an avid  spotter recording the registration marks of everything from steam locomotives, warships, buses and finally aeroplanes.
  • The registration mark takes the form of three groups of digits separated by a space ( early plates were separated with a hyphen ).
  • To keep the blocks for each colour aligned correctly registration marks called " kentM " were placed on one corner and an adjacent side.
  • All kit cars are subject to a Vehicle Identity Check, VIC, by the DVLA to determine the registration mark a kit car is assigned.
  • The need for OMR software originated because early optical mark recognition systems used dedicated scanners and special pre-printed forms with drop-out colors and registration marks.
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