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registration number sentence in Hindi

"registration number" meaning in Hindiregistration number in a sentence
  • Totally Insured Group Ltd is registered with Companies House, registration number 4547383.
  • But the party neglected to include voter registration numbers on the requests.
  • Election boards were supposed to have final registration numbers counted by Thursday.
  • In general, every motor vehicle in Singapore has a vehicle registration number.
  • A similar registration number helped break the World Trade Center bombing case.
  • Therefore registration numbers do not start with zeros in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Online payment is allowed; listing just the Vehicle Registration Number is required.
  • Etc . I'll try to have latest voter registration numbers . 12-15.
  • It was a 1993 model with a false 1984 vehicle registration number.
  • So only the registration numbers from the sprints were used . " ()
  • It is a company limited by guarantee with registration number 00392550.
  • The hull number was 343 and the registration number was US203143.
  • There was no standard for the registration numbers at that time.
  • Motor Car Registration Number : LO 8321, LL 6374, LP 5397.
  • The registration number of the truck was included in M'mbijiwe's statement.
  • Although using different registration numbers both were possibly the same car.
  • Company house registration number 00247711 this relates to the original company.
  • It can also lead to an Internal Revenue Service registration number.
  • Registration numbers increased to 309 by 1970 following this full recognition.
  • Each image is stamped with the date, time and the car's registration number.
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