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English-Hindi > registration number

registration number meaning in Hindi

registration number sentence in Hindi
पंजीकरण संख्या

पंजीयन संख्या
रजिस्टरी नम्बर
registration    पंजीयन रजिस्ट्री
number    इकाई तादाद कई
1.Totally Insured Group Ltd is registered with Companies House, registration number 4547383.

2.But the party neglected to include voter registration numbers on the requests.

3.Election boards were supposed to have final registration numbers counted by Thursday.

4.In general, every motor vehicle in Singapore has a vehicle registration number.

5.A similar registration number helped break the World Trade Center bombing case.

6.Therefore registration numbers do not start with zeros in Trinidad and Tobago.

7.Online payment is allowed; listing just the Vehicle Registration Number is required.

8.Etc . I'll try to have latest voter registration numbers . 12-15.

9.It was a 1993 model with a false 1984 vehicle registration number.

10.So only the registration numbers from the sprints were used . " ()

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the number on the license plate that identifies the car that bears it
Synonyms: license number,

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