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English-Hindi > rescue excavation

rescue excavation meaning in Hindi

rescue excavation sentence in Hindi

उद्धार उत्खनन
rescue    छुटकारा निस्तार
excavation    खुदाई खोई खोखलापन
1.Therefore, a rescue excavation was initiated, which resulted with interesting archaeological findings.

2.Construction was halted while archeologists performed four days of rescue excavations.

3.Rescue excavations were carried out in 1959 by Dorothy Garrod and G . Henri-Martin.

4.Rescue excavations by archaeologists uncovered Burial 10 at a depth of under the building.

5.An urgent rescue excavation was carried out by J-G . Ottaviani and J . Magdeleine.

6.This led to two rescue excavations in 2001.

7.Finally, in 1973, he directed a rescue excavation when construction of the Devil's Dyke in Cambridgeshire.

8.The exact findspot of the architrave is not known, but must come from an undocumented rescue excavation.

9.Rescue excavations were carried out at this location in an earlier known unidentified site of Roman era.

10.First is the rescue excavation of the area that will be covered by water after Oct . 4.

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