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English-Hindi > research engineer

research engineer meaning in Hindi

research engineer sentence in Hindi

अनुसंधान अभियंता
अनुसंधान इंजीनियर
research    अन्वेषण खोज तलाश
engineer    इंजीनियर
1.His son Charles J . Michelet, a research engineer, inherited the house.

2.In October 1939 BBC Research engineers experimented with horizontally-polarised transmissions at Start Point.

3.Due to his contributions around that time, Cone was promoted to Research Engineer.

4.Employees for support activities include research engineers, studies engineers, assistant engineers and technicians.

5.Even his existence as a NACA / NASA research engineer was being questioned.

6.Kupcis, 53, joined Ontario Hydro in 1973 as a research engineer.

7.Nayar worked as a research engineer for Taylor Instruments in 1984.

8.This contributed to the system's popularity with industrial and research engineers.

9.Beginning as a research engineer, he was promoted to Technical Manager in 1937.

10.He was a research Engineer at Rutgers University from 1944-1945.

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