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research method sentence in Hindi

"research method" meaning in Hindi
  • This type of research has a shared commitment to empirical research methods.
  • Research methods include satellite telemetry analysis and fieldwork from aircraft and ships.
  • :Another way into this might be through looking at qualitative research methods.
  • The study's findings, the academy said, were flawed by the research methods.
  • He found previous traditional forms of psychological research methods to be insufficient.
  • He is well known for his expertise in social science research methods.
  • She has also made important contributions to debates about sociological research methods.
  • She attributed the lifting of passages to sloppiness in her research methods.
  • The ESRI has been noted for its strength in quantitative research methods.
  • However these research methods do not reach the non-conscious thinking of consumers.
  • Merton is also credited as the creator of the focus group research method.
  • I admit, maybe there is a flaw in my research method.
  • Detractors such as Dershowitz challenged Finkelstein's research methods and confrontational approach.
  • Psychologists use many research methods, and categorical distinctions of these methods have emerged.
  • Students are immersed in language while in country and learn new research methods.
  • Caro's research methods suggest a journalist as much as a scholar.
  • But doctors say the report has limitations because of the research method used.
  • Performance Studies tends to concentrate on a mix of research methods.
  • RT-PCR is commonly used in research methods to measure gene expression.
  • There is nothing whatsoever keeping any other editor from applying robust research methods.
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