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English-Hindi > resonance structure

resonance structure meaning in Hindi

resonance structure sentence in Hindi

• अनुनादी संरचना
• रेजोनेन्स संरचना
resonance    अनुनाद गूँज गूंज
structure    गृह संरचना करना घर
1.Isocyanides are best shown as a mixture of both resonance structures.

2.In resonance structures, major and minor contributing structures may exist.

3.Both the regioselectivity and the resonance structures and the inductive effect.

4.In this case, there are three possible resonance structures.

5.One explanation relies on the carbocation resonance structure of the Criegee intermediate.

6.The cyanide group can also stabilize anions by delocalizing negative resonance structures.

7.If two resonance structure are exactly equivalent, for example:

8.The true structure lies somewhere between these resonance structures.

9.This yields the conjugate base ( stabilized by resonance structures ) and thiocyanic acid.

10.This difference, established by X-ray diffraction, is consistent with the resonance structures.

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