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English-Hindi > resonance test

resonance test meaning in Hindi

resonance test sentence in Hindi

• अनुनाद परीक्षण
resonance    अनुनाद गूँज गूंज
test    जांच परख टैस्ट मैच
1.Faulk was scheduled to have an magnetic imaging resonance test Tuesday and he didn't return.

2.He has a concussion and, as a precaution, will have a magnetic resonance test this morning.

3.Sousa, however, was scheduled for a magnetic resonance test Tuesday to evaluate the damage and decide on treatment, Jones said.

4."We'll give Sousa a magnetic resonance test on Tuesday to evaluate the damage and decide on treatment, " he said.

5.X-rays performed on the knee were negative, and Woods may take a magnetic resonance test next week if the inflammation persists.

6.Richard, who underwent a magnetic-resonance test on his injured knee Wednesday, said he will play Saturday after not playing in the secondary against Oregon.

7.Valencia team doctor Jorge Candel said magnetic resonance tests showed Zubizarreta, 36, partially snapped an abducent nerve in his right leg during training Tuesday.

8.Santos, a starter on Brazil's 1994 world champion team, was cut from the team Wednesday morning after doctors examined the magnetic resonance tests of a leg muscle injury.

9.Williams practices : Although defensive tackle Aaron Williams underwent a magnetic image resonance test after pinching a nerve in his neck, he practiced Tuesday and is listed as day-to-day.

10.The team doctor Lidio Toledo received the results of a magnetic resonance test on Conceicao's right knee Thursday morning but was unable to determine the extent of the injury.

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