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English-Hindi > resonance width

resonance width meaning in Hindi

resonance width sentence in Hindi

• अनुनाद चौडाई
resonance    अनुनाद गूँज गूंज
width    आयाम उदारता चकलाई
1.However, the shift is always accompanied by a broadening of the resonance width, i . e . an increase of Q, and it is important to predict it also.

2.Each allowed transition produces a resonance in S ^ { \ nu, \ lambda } ( \ omega ) and the resonance width is determined by a dephasing constant \ gamma _ { \ lambda, \ nu } ( \ omega ) that generally depends on exciton states involved and the THz frequency \ omega.

3.Where " f r " is the resonant frequency, ? " f " is the resonance width or full width at half maximum ( FWHM ) i . e . the bandwidth over which the power of vibration is greater than half the power at the resonant frequency, " ? r " = 2 " f r " is the angular resonant frequency, and ? " ? " is the angular half-power bandwidth.

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