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English-Hindi > resonant transformer

resonant transformer meaning in Hindi

resonant transformer sentence in Hindi

अनुनादी ट्रांसफार्मर
resonant    अनुनादी अनुनादी
transformer    परिणामित्र
1.A physical system can have as many resonant transformers can have two resonant frequencies.

2.A Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891.

3.Resonant transformers are also used in electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, and high voltage power supplies.

4.In 1891, Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla coil, an air-cored, dual-tuned resonant transformer for producing very high voltages at high frequency.

5.Ferro-resonant units operate in the same way as a standby UPS unit; however, they are online with the exception that a ferro-resonant transformer is used to filter the output.

6.Unlike the multiple-layer secondary of a non-resonant transformer, coils for this purpose are often single layer solenoids ( to minimise skin effect and give improved " Q " ) in parallel with a suitable capacitor, or they may be other shapes such as wave-wound litz wire.

7.That frequency is usually chosen in small AM radios because it is a fair compromise between 1 ) ease of constructing high-Q resonant transformers in the radio IF amplifier; 2 ) high enough for acceptable image frequency rejection by the radio front-end tuned amplifier; 3 ) by being a " de-facto " standard there should be no strong transmissions at 455 kHz and components are standardised e . g . fixed-frequency ceramic filters are now often used instead of wound coils.

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